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Ryan Gosling & Mikey Day’s Beavis & Butt-Head Return at The Fall Guy Premiere

Ryan Gosling’s Beavis and Mikey Day’s Butt-Head shocked fans with a surprising appearance at the world premiere of The Fall Guy. This comes after they debuted their live-action versions of the animated characters in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit earlier in April.

Ryan Gosling cosplayed as Beavis during The Fall Guy premiere

After their viral SNL sketch, Ryan Gosling’s Beavis returned alongside Mikey Day’s Butt-Head much sooner than anyone expected. While stars such as Zendaya and Margot Robbie did their bit during the Dune: Part Two and Barbie premieres, respectively, Gosling also took the spotlight, but with a different flair this time.

At The Fall Guy premiere on April 30, the 43-year-old actor sported a blue “Death Rock” t-shirt, grey shorts, white socks, and black shoes, along with the blonde wig and fake nose to resemble Beavis. Meanwhile, Mikey Day had his fake braces on, along with a black wig, a grey “Skull” t-shirt, red shorts, and the trademark white socks and black shoes combo to pose as Butt-Head.

The two walked the red carpet and modeled to have multiple pictures clicked. This get-up caught the eye of many after Gosling and Day’s SNL sketch went viral when it arrived a couple of weeks ago, getting over 13 million views on YouTube itself.

The skit saw Heidi Gardner as a news anchor interviewing Kenan Thompson, who was playing a professor. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling’s Beavis and Day’s Butt-Head showed up in the audience.

Watch the SNL video right here:

The professor couldn’t focus on the interviewer throughout the act as Beavis and Butt-Head kept distracting him, while the audience loved every bit of it.

Along with his appearance as Beavis, Gosling also rocked a full mint green suit to pose with his two stuntmen in similar outfits. The stunt actors performed a stunt for the crowd, while Gosling applauded their work.

Further, the actor also posed with his The Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt, who wore an orange outfit at the premiere in Los Angeles.

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