Life By You releases June 4

Life by You Release Date Set for The Sims Competitor

While the next The Sims game is likely still a while off, its highly anticipated rival, Life by You, is coming to PC very soon. After a year-long delay, the game is now set to release in PC early access on June 4.

Life by You releases in early access on June 4

Developer Paradox Tectonic and publisher Paradox Interactive revealed the game in March 2023 and originally intended to launch it that June. However, it faced a substantial delay, with Paradox only recently revealing the new early release date on Steam and The Epic Game Store. Unfortunately, there has been no indication that Life by You is coming to consoles. However, Paradox often publishes games on PC first, with console ports released later. So, while it’s unconfirmed, the game may still come to PlayStation and Xbox somewhere down the line.

One of Life by You’s key changes to The Sims’ formula is including a seamless open world. Players can watch their characters travel on foot or using vehicles like cars and bikes and even complete quests. It also gives the option to take direct control over a character, steering them around in third person. Also, unlike The Sims, where characters talk in gibberish, Life by You features a real-language dialogue system. As with other aspects of the game, players can let their characters manage things themselves or take over directly.

Paradox Interactive is best known as a developer of strategy games such as Stellaris. However, its publishing wing also released Cities Skylines, which filled the hole left by the dormant SimCity series. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Paradox might want its version of The Sims. Hopefully, Life by You will release in a better state than the controversial Cities Skylines 2.

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