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Born Again K-Drama Ending Explained: What Happens to Jang Ki-Yong, Jin Se-Yeon & Lee Soo-Hyuk?

KBS’ Born Again is a fantasy, melodrama romantic K-drama starring Jang Ki-Yong, Jin Se-Yeon, and Lee Soo-Hyuk in the lead. Directed by Jin Hyung-Woo and Lee Hyun-Sook, the drama is penned by Jung Soo-Mi.

The 2020 drama has 32 episodes. What starts with a mystery thriller, the drama soon transforms into revenge. The storyline revolves around three characters, Cha Hyung-Bin, Han Eun, and Gon Ji-Chul.

Set in the 1980s, the K-drama‘s narrative follows them. While Hyung-Bin (Lee Soo-Hyuk) is an ace detective, Han Eun is a bookshop owner, and Ji-Chul (Jang Ki-Yong) is a serial killer. The male leads have a special corner for Han Eun (Jin Se-Yeon). But she has a chronic heart disease, which she keeps a secret from everyone. However, an incident ruins all of their lives, but 30 years later, they all reincarnate.

This time, Ji-Chul becomes a medical student as Cheon Jong-Beom. Han-Eun was reborn as Jung Sa-Bin, an archaeology student. On the other hand, Hyung-Bin becomes a prosecutor as Kim Soo-Hyeok.

Born Again K-drama: Does it have a happy or a sad ending?

Spoilers ahead. The characters Jung Sa-Bin, Cheon Jong-Beom, and Kim Soo-Hyeok connect after reincarnation. Fate had something else planned for them. Their lives again get intertwined. As time passes, situations start to become like a cobweb.

In the final episode, Jong-Beom (Jang Ki-Yong) is seen lying in the hospital while Sa-Bin shows him stuff to wake him up. Meanwhile, Jong-Beom’s memory travels back to the past when he finds Sa-Bin in the bookshop. He recognizes her and calls out her name. This shows that his surgery was a success, and he had lost his memory only for a short time.

In her present life, Sa-Bin found herself confused about whom to choose as her partner between Kim Soo-Hyeok (played by Lee Soo-Hyuk) and Jong-Beom. However, when Jong-Beom cleared his name from being a serial killer, Sa-Bin could separate her strong feelings for him.

Soo-Hyeok even helps Jong-Beom to clear his slate from his past life. The creators tried to give a happy ending to the drama. While Sa-Bin, in her past life, ended up with Kim Soo-Hyeok’s past character. But, in their present life, she gets her happily ever after with Jong-Beom. The love triangle might have created quite a lot of confusion for the viewers, but it was the main spark of the drama Born Again.

Jang Ki-Yong, Jin Se-Yeon, and Lee Soo-Hyuk‘s chemistry was loved by the viewers. However, the drama received mixed reviews. Even though the creators gave a happy ending, they couldn’t follow up with the storyline throughout the series.

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The drama also starred Choi Kwang-Il, Jung In-Kyum, Kim Jung-Nan, and others. The supporting actors also gave their best performance in the series.

Born Again, a mystical mystery thriller, can be passed for a one-time watch. If you haven’t watched it, it can be streamed on ViKi or Kocowa.

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