Exclusive Super7 Thin Lizzy ReAction Figure First Look, Preorder Info

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive look at Super7‘s all-new Thin Lizzy ReAction Figure, based on the iconic frontman of the group.

The new figure is inspired by frontman, lyricist, and bass player Phil Lynott and the cover art for Thin Lizzy’s 1978 album Live and Dangerous. The figure itself stands at 3.75″ tall, featuring five points of articulation and a removable bass guitar accessory.

Check out Super7’s Thin Lizzy ReAction figure below:

Figure available for preorder now

The Thin Lizzy ReAction figure is available to preorder now on Super7’s website for $20. The figure joins Super7’s “ReAction” line of figures, which aims to give fans the chance to relive some of the most iconic characters and artists from the past.

Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott joins a series of musician figures that Super7 has done ReAction figures of, including iconic rap artist KRS-One, AC/DC’s Bon Scott, the Wu-Tang Clan’s ODB, and more.

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